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Summer Camps
July & August

Each week, we venture to a different trail system to become acquainted with. So pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and be prepared for a summer camp filled with botanical-inspired art expression, creative exploration, and forest investigations.

Spring Break Camp
March 2021

We have been hearing from our students how much they have missed playing with their peers. So we are listening. Despite being in a pandemic, we believe that outdoor social time is essential for a healthy lifestyle and fulfilled being. This camp is dedicated to our acorns and to provide them with a space to play, learn and grow together outdoors. This camp is not open to the public.

3-Week Summer Program
July 2020

We took a unique approach to our 2020 summer program. Because our initial summer program was slightly derailed due to the pandemic, we chose to head back to the drawing board but this time we asked our community to give us their feedback. With client-input, we were able to construct a truly tailored program. As a result, a three week summer camp filled with investigating, experimenting, forest adventuring, and creative art expression was born.

Virtual Classroom
April & May 2020

To respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Golden Acorn brought their creative in-person educational talents online. Our intentions were to provide our community with a way to stay engaged in learning and to give our students a sense of routine during a time of uncertainty and isolation. Each online class provided concepts that encouraged discussion and nurtured self-accountability, leadership and initiative. We found great success in this endeavour as students and parents valued the social and collaborative aspects of our online classrooms.

Pilot Summer Program
July 2019

This was a defining project for Golden Acorn as it marked the beginning of a partnership between Sioux and her first acorn, Timmy. Together, a one-week summer program was created to test the potential of Golden Acorn in this current season of education. We provided our students with creative freedom for the week. Their thoughts culminated into a time-travellers journey where anyone who entered the classroom would be taken back to the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic eras.

Planting Seeds
Past, Present and For Always

Golden Acorn has its roots in humble beginnings. Started solely by Sioux Bonderove, she began to "plant seeds" of virtue, curiosity and love into young minds. With her words of affirmation and heart-filled support, her students are nourished and given vitality. Over time, her acorns grow into mighty, strong and steadfast oak trees that will continue to embody the lessons that were passed on to them. We will always remember our roots and how the Golden Acorn began.

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