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Sioux Bonderove

Principal & Mentor

Timmy Woo

Project Coordinator & Mentor timmy@goldenacornmentoring.com

Sioux brings her diverse interests to the table as principal mentor at Golden Acorn Mentoring. Sioux has been teaching for 25 years with an approach that embraces creativity, personal development and the art of living.

Sioux’s sharing of tricks, insights, and creative teaching philosophy aim to inspire, engage and include students, parents and educators in a nurturing and creative lifelong learning journey.

Sioux graduated from Emily Carr University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and this is the heart of her work. Art and creative expression are central to her teaching philosophy as they open the gateways to self knowledge and personal freedom.

Timmy approaches his life as he does his teaching practice. He is commited to personal growth and seeks out experiences to develop himself. Timmy's constant ability to be present with children and capacity to change their perception of a challenge into a learning opportunity is wonderfully unique.

Timmy is Sioux's first acorn. He was officially mentored by Sioux from the ages of 12 to 18 but he will always consider Sioux as one of his greatest influences. Timmy has now stepped into a partnership with Sioux to help realise the potential for Golden Acorn Mentoring.

Timmy loves being connected to the mountains. This passion is integral to his practice as he loves to share his wonder for the mountains and focus on a collaborative relationship between humans and nature.